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4 Warm Winter Drink Recipes To Try

4 Boozy Warm Winter Drinks To Try at Home

It’s that season…oh yes, the time that comes around every year, when the wind somehow makes its way in to chill your bones even through your puffy coat layers. It’s one of those days when a bed of majestic white snow begins to pile up on your windowsill and you just want to crank up your heater and cozy up under your covers and watch The New Edition Story or re-runs of Luke Cage all night. Can it get any better? It sure can and I’ll tell you how. The cherry on top is always a niiiice waarrrmmm drink…

Maybe you like your occasional simple hot chocolate or plain coffee, but MAYBE… you also like to live a little—or a lot. Try something new. Besides, you might get bored in bed all day.

I collaborated with the awesomely skilled Chef Richard to bring to you some creative drink ideas that will hit the spot. The drink recipes are simple, easy, fun and different…soul-warming even…BUT I’ll let you come up with descriptions of your own after you try them for yourself.





Be sure to comment how it came out for you, below!
Which drink recipe was your favorite?

Special thanks for Chef Richie on collab’ing with me on this. It was lit. Literally.


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