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Beacon Weekend

Now as you know, this past weekend I made one of my inspirational outfit boards and the most recent theme was a campy one. My boyfriend and I trekked up to the Hudson county of New York. It was gorgeous to see through the train windows, the hills and river view, the kayaks, the swamps and the blue sky. The weather was simply perfect for a summer day. We took the Metro North train up to Beacon to check out the gallery museum, Dia:Beacon.

As our train stop neared, a young man walked through the aisle asking if anyone was going to Beacon. I raised my hand and he asked if I was going to the event. (Unsure of what event he was talking about, but recalling some information I’d read about an exhibition,) I just nodded my head to the spontaneous adventures I’m sure would ensue.

When we got off, we were with a small group of others and a guy and a girl, reps of the exhibition, led us into the woods and then told us to continue down a path then they disappeared. Hella skeptical but totally whatever since I knew this was obviously an exhibition.

And it was a unique one.

This was called “Occasions and other occurrences” and the artist was Isabel Lewis. The showcase was along Long Dock Park and featured dancers randomly located throughout, moving as if in a trance to music DJ’d by Isabel herself, a German American artist who also has her artwork in Dia:Chelsea in Manhattan. She was very welcoming to arriving guests as she introduced herself and the exhibition briefly before heading to her DJ setup right there in the woods. There were wooden benches hammered into the sand by the waterfront and complimentary berry lemonade to quench our thirsts from the hot sun. It was a great time. Isabel will be here until Sunday, July 17, 2016.

There was a moment where I forgot I was in New York and not a sandy beach in like, Curacao and I took my shoes off to put them in the water and the rocky sand was killing me. Not to mention, the tide came in real quick and knocked me on my ass and well I ended up with a wet behind and tiny rocks all in my pants– BUT it did give me a much needed laugh!!! (No footage of that, thankfully.)

A walk up a few minutes leads you to the main building of Dia: Beacon, recently built in 2013 in what used to be a Nabisco box printing facility. Upon entry, you get a nice view of extremely high and well shaped bushes with pathways in between. There is a cafe and a bookstore and the galleries themselves go three floors and also have a courtyard where a speaker plays human voices depicting sounds of nature animals. A gallery this is indeed. This wide and spacious place showcases very minimalist style artwork dating back to the 1960’s. Entry can be purchased as a package with a round trip Metro North ride through the Metro North website or get there your own way and pay $15 entry into the museum.



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