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Guest Speaking, Beauty & Media with Boys & Girls Club

Disclaimer: This content was not sponsored by or paid for by The Boys & Girls Club. All opinions are of the author’s own.

I recently had the chance to speak to a group of young women at a Brooklyn Boys & Girls Club. We exchanged thoughts and wisdom on media, beauty, advertisement and its effects as well as some gems on growing to be positive and successful leaders.

This speaking engagement meant SO MUCH to me. It came right on time to a PIVOTAL moment in my career transition — the day that me and my 9-5 job mutually decided to let one another GO…

The coincidence of being asked what I wanted to be and being able to respond that I now am doing EXACTLY what I dreamed of almost brought tears to my eyes…

Being in the presence of our future leaders and being able to share my knowledge with them meant the WORLD to me. Thank you Andrea Williams for having me and thank you Bryan Joseph Henao for filming this.

View the full video here:



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