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Coral Oral Toothbrush 😁 Collab!

I have been so excited to share this with you all so much that this post is totally overdue! I have so much respect for these peeps right here.

The Coral Oral toothbrush is the First Black Owned Toothbrush Company

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Coming straight out of Atlanta, Georgia, the company was started by a youth group. The brush comes in a set of 4 and is only $5.00. I brush with Coral Oral all the time.

About the Coral Oral Toothbrush:

• A full brush head and precision cut bristles to reach the tooth’s total surface,

• Gently cleans and massages gums, tongue and teeth, “medium” enough not to cause damage or pain.

• Removes plaque and surface stains and keeps breath fresh,

• Ergonomic angles help prevent overbrushing,

• Firm ridges for a slip-free grip,

• Gentle tapered bristles made from nylon,

• Convenient scrubber on back of brush head cleans tongue and cheeks for fresher breath.

Coral Oral features:

– All Black Family Pack of 4 distinctive Patterned Bristles: Horizontal Stripes, Vertical Stripe, Checkered & Solid White

– Sleek Black handles

– Dynamic packaging

– Recognizes the importance of history and representation: includes Black History fact and Black models

You can get yours from www.webuyblack.com or the Coral Oral website.

Buy yours and then share your own thoughts and photos below!


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