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Fin De Vingt-Sept / End of 27



This age was one of many experiences.
I began to get the hang of stability.
Tried and failed some things.
Tried and gained in other areas.
Found appreciation in solitude.


Saw the differences from the past me and the now me.


At this age, I didn’t have to hesitate to hesitate.
My chin grew high.

During this time the highs were high and the lows were low.

There were new feelings and emotions had that I’d never felt before….

I took a journey miles away through tropical airs, rocky roads and 100 degree sand dunes to quench the curiosity of my roots.



I learned new things…good, bad and neutral. I opened Pandora’s box and learned that some things and some people were best left untouched, despite the mutual blood.




I became closer to family members that were once distanced. I became distanced with others.




At 27, I lost my Grandmother and gained an angel.

I think of her everyday. I don’t recall a pain as physical as this was, spiritually. I felt a love so strong that I feel that it is guaranteed to be felt in my future lives tenfold.



At 27, I’ve pushed myself to reach goals that will make a life lived, worthwhile. I am inspired to inspire and make use of my gifts and blessings here on Earth.


Thank you for reading.




















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