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Machuca, the Afro-Latin Dish of Honduras

Machuca is a traditional Honduran dish, specifically of the AfroLatino Hondurans, better known as Garifunas. Garifuna is a culture of descendents of a mixture of the Carib Indian and West African whom come from countries including Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize.

This past week, I took an impromptu trip out to Honduras with family for the wake, funeral and celebration of life of my loving grandmother. Rest her soul and bless her for bringing us as a family all together.

Here, I documented the making of and the enjoyment of the yummy dish, machuca.
Machuca is a hot soup and its main ingredients consist of mashed plantain, coconut milk, and fish. It often includes shrimp and conch meat.


Traditionally, the plantains are mashed into a paste with wooden mortar and pestle tools.

The coconut milk is strained out of the coconut, to be added into the soup.

Here, my uncle and family-friend prepare the machuca.



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