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Mount Beacon, Hiking Day Trip

That very awesome season right between cold as hell and hot as hell is here. Fall…Autumn…Foliage season…Get Fly Weather…Whatever you like to call it. To let off some of the stress of the busy work week, me and my boyfriend took a weekend trip by Upstate New York, in the Hudson Valley, specifically to Beacon. If you keep up with my blog, you know we made our first Beacon trip a little while back, for a nature held art exhibition.

This time around, we paid a visit to MOUNT BEACON, or Beacon Mountain, whichever title best tickles your fancy.
At 1,610 feet high above water level, Mount Beacon is the highest peak of the Hudson Highlands. It’s a well known trail in its town of Fishkill, right behind the town, Beacon.

Abandoned/destroyed incline railway at the top of Mount Beacon.

Incline railway from 1902. Destroyed in 1983. View historical images here: inclinerailway.org

The view from mid-way to the top of the mountain

I don’t recall hiking up any mountains before so we can mark this as my first time. (But it wasn’t too hard for me since this summer, in Honduras, I walked a whole hour in 90+ degrees weather through sand dunes and another hour back…long story that you’ll learn in the Part II story of that trip.)


Anyway, I didn’t have any legit hiking gear;  I just sported my leggings, a long sleeve, a thin breathable jacket from Aritzia, my New Balance sneakers (though I would recommend actual hiking shoes for better ankle support), with legwarmers (to protect my ankles from getting scratched at by any possible branches or bugs — but I was golden on that) a cap to block the sun (designed by my good friends at Ato-Yaf), and a snack and plenty of hydrating drank. (I had a Butterfinger bar and a bottle of Poland Spring water, though I wouldn’t knock some actual trail mix as an alternative…as long as it has chocolate in it, because I love chocolate). I’d even recommend Gatorade (has electrolytes) or Coconut Water (very hydrating too), and almonds and apples to give you some more natural energy.



The walk was a little lengthy at 8+ miles (about 2 hours) but the view was rewarding and the air was so natur-ey (love the scent of trees), and it was therapeutic and relaxing. We arrived right before the peak foliage.



We stayed overnight at The Roundhouse Hotel, possibly the only hotel for miles, and the most luxurious. Since we were there on a Sunday (when most people are leaving upstate from their day-trips), the hotel was flexible with what room to provide us. Other than the main building, it seemed very vacant. Made up of about 3 buildings, its main being literally a round house, there is a beautiful back view of a small waterfall, which is lit up in the night.







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