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Staycation at The Stewart House Hotel

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There is something refreshing about seeing greenery, trees and wide open spaces — not to mention fresh air and quiet, especially when you live and work in a busy city such as NYC.

This past weekend, bae and I took a trip Upstate to Hudson, NY and crossed a bridge into a town called Athens, where we stayed at a beautiful hotel called The Stewart House Hotel.



The 11-room boutique hotel, built in 1883, gave me all types of Bohemian-Fine-Arts life.



Our particular room, The Hudson River Suite, was nothing short of the best selection, with a view of the Hudson river and dancing willow trees from the windows. I had hope to catch a nice view of some fall foliage but it hadn’t arrived yet.





I had a chance to check out each of the rooms at the hotel. They looked similar, all with their own unique elements. The antique furniture and decor were beautiful, and included woods, leathers, brick and linen-y fabrics.
The style was a fusion of aged and modern– It was basically like being the 1900’s, but with a hot tub out of the 2000’s.

The energy of this place overall was a refreshing calm.



On the 2nd floor is a small common area, with coffees, teas and small snacks for the taking, books for reading and a comfy couch and chair for lounging. This small area was probably my favorite thing aside from the hot tub!



The hotel has a bar in its lobby and a restaurant directly across the street, at Happy Jake’s. They serve American cuisine, from seafood to burgers, wings and fries, which were all really tasty.


Pictures of Chairs


Nearby, we immediately vibed with a Brooklyn couple at the newest local cafe, who’d also stayed at The Stewart Hotel. The cafe was very chill, although they took a long time to get orders out. The decor was bright, minimalist, and might I add– Instagram worthy. (View my STYLE POST on what I wore during my stay!)

Photography by Siria K. Alvarez

The Stewart Hotel was in a quiet and calm area, with a beautiful view and rooms so gorgeous, you’d just want to stay in there all day. I would completely recommend booking a room here for a relaxing and tranquil staycation that’s just a 2 hour Amtrak ride away from the city.

Would you stay at this hotel?

What would you be looking most forward to upon your visit?



2 North Water Street, Athens, New York 12015

(518)  947 – 1587

Make your reservation HERE. Rates start at $249.00/night.


Can’t wait to see you guys’ pics from your stay!

Tell them Siria sent you!


Disclaimer: Accommodations for the author were provided by The Stewart House Hotel. All opinions are the author’s own.


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