Tonight! Social Media Photo Workshop

Tonight is the night!
I will be teaching a social media photography workshop in Harlem, New York for entrepreneurs, freelancers, aspiring photographers and socialites. I’ll be covering topics such as Lighting, Composition, Photo Styles, How to Make the Best out of your Social Media, & More!!!

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This event starts at 7pm. There will be drinks and refreshments! There will also be a Free Gift for attendees!

Free for WeWork Members, RSVP Here.
$20 for Public Members.

Last Chance.
Purchase your Ticket Here!

Holi Fest x Bronx (May 20, 2017)

The original Holi is a Hindu spring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of sharing love. A few mini Holi festivals have been held around the states. Most recently, this past weekend to be exact, there was a Holi Fest right in my hometown in The Bronx. So you already know I had to be there. It felt good to do something majorly fun like that close to home. No 2 hour ride home with obnoxious drunken people all the way from Brooklyn in the middle of the night, exhausted! (Speaking from experience). Anyways, here’s some photos of how it went!
Holi Fest 4

I enjoyed it specifically because you had to be an asshole to have a bad time or be negative. You get to walk past random people you don’t know and just slap them with a wad of neon powder, jump up and down in a moshpit and feel like a video of “California Love” right in the X.