Farewell, Obama


Photo credit: Associated Press

Last night, President Barack Obama gave his farewell address. He will be passing over his presidency to president-elect Donald Trump this month.

It is an emotional time for many Americans right now. Obama, who served not one, but two terms/8 years, portrayed a kind spirit. He represented change for the better, an advancement in the portrayals of everyday people in society. His attitude was hopeful and positive. He represented unity and even had hella style! He represented family. He was the first African American President of the United States and his wife Michelle Obama and himself were very involved around the world. This family was a positive model for people around the nation. Now their time in the White House is over, sadly.

Barack mentioned something enlightening in his speech, close to…”Sometimes it feels that for every few steps you take forward, you are taken backwards…”. This can be described as a sentiment that hopeful Americans have in regards to the election of Donald Trump, who has been known to have promoted disunity, vulgarity, racism, sexism, discrimination against the disabled, the oppressed, and more. One cannot forget the day the polls were finalized. I myself, was in and out of sleep like many other people, having continuous nightmares about Trump becoming elected, only to find out after awakening the fifth time, that you were actually well awake and this was all a sick reality.

We must be hopeful. We must push forward and be strong. We must stand for what’s right and do what we can to help one another and promote peace and love. Thank you to the Obama family for all that you’ve done.

You can view the recap of the farewell speech HERE.

Happy 2017!!!


I’m about a week late with it, but Happy 2017 everyone!

I rang in the new year with a chill time at home with a tight circle of family and friends, drinks, snacks, and music. I was hoping to have more folks over, (and I hella took it to heart– I’m still mad at ya’ll if you’re reading this)– BUT the effort in my decor did not go to waste because I loved it and kept it that way for the next 2 days.

In other news, the past week has been so busy and I’m glad to see that people are feeling inspired and motivated to better the appearance of their brands!!! I know so because I have been receiving a flow of requests for photography and videography jobs. (Loving 2017 thus far!)

Currently, I have been working out of an office community space in Harlem that I joined about two months ago. It’s been going so well and I’m so excited and totally focused, although tired because my days are long! (These bags under my eyes don’t lie!)

Today, in itself was a good day. Yesterday was our first snowfall of the year in New York City. I wanted to shoot something really fancy with a model but I couldn’t find anyone last minute. After shooting my boyfriend for so long (although he is my 24/7 muse and love), I need a new subject to help carry out some of my creative visions. Guess I’ll have to post a Wanted flyer for her soon! Nevertheless, we headed out into the freezing 9 degrees feel of cold and took some playful photographs. My boyfriend got some good ones of me, I’ve been teaching him well. Haha!





Anyway, I will try to carry out my New Year’s resolution of posting more often!!! You will see much more lifestyle topics including fashion tips, OOTD images, the inside scoop on my personal projects, travels, and much more!
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Peace & Amor,


Mac x Selena Limited Edition Cosmetics, Re-released!

MAC has re-launched for the second time (by popular demand), the cosmetic line inspired by the iconic late 90’s singer, Selena, MAC SELENA. Firstly made available to the public yesterday. December 28th on their website, and secondly today, December 29th through other outlets.


Lines were endlessly around blocks upon the first release of the limited edition lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes and mascara. They are named after some of her hits, including, “Amor Prohibido”and “Dreaming of You” among others.


They are all sold out on the MAC website but you can still buy some at my shop : www.quarterlife.storenvy.com !