A Trip to Honduras (Part 1)

Conch Shell

This summer, I flew out to my home country, Honduras. Although I’ve been in NYC since the age of 2, Honduras is where I’m from. It’s located in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The official language is Spanish and there are different looking people, as seems to come as a surprise to many. We vary from aboriginal to white to black to mestizo. My particular culture is Garifuna and we are black. The full background of the culture is another story for another post which I think I will work on soon, as a matter of fact. Anyway, Garifunas are descendants of…

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Frank is Back!


Frank is back! Well, kind of. He is slowly but surely giving us him. Last night, there was a livestream on his site, boysdontcry.co where he is seen working on something– drilling boxes into the shape of a spiral staircase of some sort while playing his new album in the background. The echo of the music can be heard in the huge warehouse space. My theory is, he was, as I said before, slowly but surely giving us him. I do think he purposely previewed this album with drills in the background and echoey sound, so it couldn’t be recorded or leaked (although I hear there is a leak…I’ll look into how legit that is!)

With the desperation of his fans awaiting some more new music since his last release in 2012 (along with a few secret features here in there in Beyonce and Kanye tracks), I mean the man knows his worth.

Check out “Endless” available only on Apple Music in video.

Spot Review: Museum of Sex ★★★✰✰

MOS Review Sidebar Image

As a nearly-native New Yorker (citizen of 24 years), like most other New Yorkers, we simply rarely, if ever, visit NYC landmarks. Would you consider the MoSex or Museum of Sex, a landmark? I guess so. We all know sex sells and museums are pretty cool too so I mean put those 2 things together, add a Groupon coupon in the mix and you have some increased interest here. As I waited outside of this place to meet with my boyfriend, within 3 minutes I’d already heard 3 walkers-by say “Oh! This is the Museum of Sex!” or something like, “Oh! I’ve always wanted to check this place out!” And does anyone ever actually go? This is just one of those places that you admire from afar and maybe never get the chance to check out. Either way, on this particular day, I was in for something different and so it happened.

Some of the following images are NSFW. 18+/Mature Audience Only

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