Storm King Art Center, New York

While the weather is still cooperating, you might want to take a day trip up to Storm King, a cool place to relax, get some fresh air and be inspired by some art from 20th century artists. Storm King Art Center is also by Storm King Mountain (go figure). It’s an open air museum in Mountainville that spans at about 500 acres. It is vast, vast acres of sculpture art surrounded by grass and trees, basically.

Traveling here takes about 2 and a half hours from Grand Central on the MetroNorth Railroad and counting the drive from the train station to the site. So about an hour and change on the train, and another half hour or 45 minute drive. There are usually communal taxi cabs at the station that carry many people at once– although I’m not sure that they charge individuals any less for going in a larger group.

I can really appreciate Storm King Art Center, because sometimes you just want to get away and take a walk with nature, but then you’re an art lover too…so it seals the deal.

You can go for a picnic with family or friends or just stroll around for the day. I saw people of every age here from babies to toddlers to young adults hanging with their friends, to elderly people. They actually have a trolley for people who might have difficulty walking, or just want to get to see more of the site in a shorter amount of time.

I made sure to get here right at the peak of foliage season. Entry was pretty packed. Also, there’s a cafe but only one and it’s fairly limited to hot dogs, chili, cold sandwiches, salad, beers and wine. Also, there’s their Boxed water. Love that!

Anyway, I would recommend bringing your own food and snacks and drank because we spent a long time on a line.

Here are some more photos:


H&M x Kenzo Release is Here!

Rise and shine, style lovers! We are just one day closer to the weekend (Thank goodness!) and today’s good news makes it that much easier to get through the rest of this week. That’s right, the Kenzo x H&M collaboration launches today. I’ve already passed by the H&M store this morning and see barracks lined outside, security having a big meeting, and racks of the colorful new collection ready for your taking.

I already bought myself a thing or two on my phone 🙂

There’s something for both women and men.

Click HERE to shop it!


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